We exist to glorify God in all that we say and do.
We believe this is acomplished through:
Edification, the building up of the body.
Evangelization: reaching the world for Christ.
We teach the Bible verse by verse.

We are a Bible teaching church that teaches the Bible one verse at a time. The Bible remains practical and relevant for Christian living and is our only basis for matters of faith and Christian living.

Please refer to a our sermon section for an audio of our recent Sunday morning sermons.

See the above tabs for more details about what we believe and teach.

The following websites contain useful material. They are predominently in agreement with the teaching of Heritage Baptist Church but may contain some material that is not. Sites which they may direct you to may not be in agreement with our statement of faith. As with all things on the web, discernment is advised.

Bible Teaching

Grace to You - the ministry of John MacArthur
Truth for Life - the ministry of Alistair Begg

Bible Study Resources

Free - downloadable Bibles and study aids
Bible study aids, sermon transcripts by book of the Bible
Desiring God Ministries - The Ministry of John Piper

Historic Creeds and Confessions

While HBC is predominently in agreement with these historic creeds and confessions, there are some differences when compared with our "Doctrinal Statement". To see what HBC teaches please refer to the "Doctrinal Statement" under the "About Us" tab.
Historic Creeds and Confessions

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